Barney Rubble

This is my newest cat, Barney.
Barney is a Feral Cat, no hugs and kisses from this little fella. *sigh*

I purchased a large animal trap to catch Barney so I could get him neutered, but Barney was to smart and wouldn't go inside the trap. So, every day for about three months, I've been working with this wild cat to get him to the point where I can pet him, pick him up (if only briefly)... and ultimately get him into a cat carrier and get him neutered. Food is a good motivator when your trying to befriend a wild/feral cat. While the cat was eating, I would sneak up on Barney and pet him. The first few times were merely a touch, but over time I've been able to pet Barney the whole entire time it takes him to finish a can of food. Recently, I've been able to pick up Barney, for short periods of time without getting mauled. Success!

 So, I bought a large cat carrier thinking that would be easier than the trap. I set the cat carrier standing up with the door open and quickly picked him up and tried to put him in. Yup, I got scratched up. Undeterred, I tried several more times.  Finally, I picked him up and held him over the opening of the cat carrier back feet first, and just "let him go" and he dropped right into the carrier... which he then proceeded to go round and around like he was inside a washing machine... poor scared cat. But it had to be done..... Had.To.Be.Done. *sniffle*
Here is Barney at home the day after having been neutered... giving me the ol' stink eye for sure.... You can see they cut the tip off of his right ear. So, from a distance anyone who knows about feral cats will know this one is "shooting blanks" and to let him be.

Here is some information about ear-tipping or notching of feral cats.
Also, some info about the trap-neuter-return theory.
We have a great Spay and Neuter facility called, Hope. They do the "Trap Neuter Release" for feral cats but you have to bring the cat in-in a trap. I explained to them what I did, and that the cat is indeed feral--- and if they didn't believe me to stick their hand in the carrier.  Wouldn't you know it? They believed me. So, for $60.00 they neutered Barney, gave him a rabies shot, cut his ear tip and gave him an antibiotic shot to boost his health.
I had recently done some "artsy-fartsy" stuff for a friend of mine, and he had given me some money for my artistic endeavors. I really appreciate those that realize that your time is valuable and don't take you for granted. Anywho--- I told him that I was going to put that money towards getting a feral cat neutered. Well, of course I needed to make him a "Thank you" card right? Here is the card:

Sometimes simplicity is best, right?
Barney still isn't to happy with me, but he'll come around I'm sure. I think I'll speed up the forgiving process and give him some tuna fish, that should do the trick!

Trap, Neuter and return because every life matters!
big hugs,


  1. Oh Barney is so handsome. You have made great steps with him, that is great. I learned something new, I did not know about the clipping of the ear. Nice to know.

  2. Good job with Barney! You have lots of patience to work on him for 3 months! We live on 20 acres so have had many ferals or strays over the years, along with some of our own cats. We've been fortunate the there have been several programs for free spaying or neutering; usually it goes by zip code so they go around the city. I didn't know about the ear clipping until recently. Wonder if they've always done that if you tell them it's a stray/feral?

    Hate to see any animal go hungry so the more kittens that can be prevented the better. Seems like there are always plenty available at the shelters. I'm down to one inside cat and one outside cat now but have had many over the years.

  3. I've never heard of TNR but thank you for the important lesson! Speaking of no hugs and kisses (with the all important sigh, and cat lovers will know exactly what that sigh signifies!) - my sister cares for her daughter's kitty. Daughter volunteered, then worked, at an animal shelter for YEARS, and this kitty is only one of the several that came home with her. Daughter was living at home and her mom became the main carer for kitty. 3 of the immediate members of the family - me, my SIL, and my sister's other daughter, are major cat lovers. We were SO prepared to love on this kitty when she came home, but she would have no part of us. She would hiss and bat at us, and growl - it broke our hearts! I don't know if anyone every found out if the cat was feral or had been mistreated or was just lost, but 10+ years later, she still hates everyone except my sister (who is more a dog than cat person, lol). Go figure! Beautiful beautiful kitty, has lived the life of luxury for more than 10 years, and she hates everyone but my sister. That's the way it goes sometimes :/ Barney is a very handsome lad - I hope he learns that life isn't so bad, and that people would be really happy to love on him :)

  4. P.S. The card! THE CARD!!! I am dying laughing, lol!

  5. He is a very handsome cat. That neutering scheme sounds very well thought out. It was very brave of you to catch him! I don't think we have many feral cats here but shelters always neuter/spay before re-homing and some charities will do it free for owners on low incomes. I hope he forgives you soon :)

  6. You've been so patient to catch Barney. Great job! I wish a lot more people would at least have their own cats spayed/neutered. Around Easter someone left 4 kittens in front of our gate because we're known as cat lovers in our area. I bottle-raised them and they're still with us along with our other three cats. One of our adult cats is also named Barney. Hopefully your Barney will become more trusting over time and then spend some time on your lap.
    xo Julia

  7. Bless you! We have the same kind of setup close to us. I recently took two that I caught. One pregnant. They terminated the pregnancy. I don't feel bad about it because I don't want a new litter of cats at my house to raise. The other ended up being already fixed. So with me bringing one in already fixed and 1 pregnant, no issues that they were not my own cats.

    I let them go as soon as we got home. They both came back around at supper time. They didn't stay mad for very long.

    I have lost count on the number of cats we have trapped and fixed that just showed up at our house. We are firm believers in Spay and Neuter.

    Yes, that is a very cute card!!!!

    Take care,

  8. Pretty Kitty! Terry's brothers and sisters, mom and us live in a 3 x 3 block area. One of my SILs takes care of 3 feral cats. One even lives in her garage. She has had them neutered and spayed. She also has taken 3 in to live in the house. We used to have quite a feral cat problem in these blocks. We live off a highway and have lost many cats to it. There must be more that are taking care of the ferals because there are not as many as there used to be. Luckily we have a very good network in this county for neutering the ferals.

    Glad you friend paid you for your work. So many people like to think your time is not valuable. It took many years for family to learn that I don't give it away unless I offer.
    xx, Carol

  9. Wow I learned something new, I had not heard about the feral cats before, my daughter's cat is quite close to that, but she will let you pet her a little bit, just not a big cuddler, she really has to be in the mood, she more likes to be on her own. That was nice of you to make a thank you card too :)

  10. That card is too funny!! It certainly says it all! Your cat is such a cutie! Hope Barney warms us soon!

  11. Good for you on the neutering. Think Barney will ever bond with you as a furever cat? I love the note card you sent -- very clever. (And Barney IS very handsome!)


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