God's Word

While trying to clean and organize my art studio I came across some holy cards I had purchased a while back. I have an ever growing stash of these little beauties. Little mass cards, prayer cards, cards with pictures of Saints.... yep, I love them all... I am ALWAYS on the hunt for more!
Before tucking my treasures into a drawer where I keep my collection, I decided to create a little something-something for a friend of mine whose sister died due to a hit and run. My friend's sister was walking to a nearby store to grab a gallon of milk for her young son and was struck and left to die in the roadway.....  What can be said? no words are ever adequate-- but God is universal in his words.... so I created a little Religious wall hanging to hopefully give her some solace during this painful time. Here it is in all its glory~To create this piece I used one of those plain cardboard circular ornament blanks that you get from a hobby store for the base. I fussy cut out the center and added a thin piece of cardboard to seal off the opening leaving a little well to create inside of.
I covered the cardboard with thin gold paper that I ran through my embossing machine to give the little shrine some added texture. The gold was extremely bright, so I added some black paint to distress it a little bit. I made the sunburst crown behind the image of Jesus using of all things-- the little topper that is on top of a Christmas ornament. I had bought a huge bag of ornament topper replacement pieces for a few dollars at a second hand store months ago...  just goes to show you I'll buy just about anything. *wink* Easily flattened with my bare hands and then a few whacks with a small hammer and I had the perfect sunburst crown.
 Here you can better see the depth of the little shrine.... I added moss, vintage flowers, vintage Dresden trim and of course some rhinestone pieces. The purple fabric I used is iridescent fabric which turns from purple to a moss green at different angles. Above you can see the purple, and below you can see the green hue showing up... magical.
The blue tinsel around the shrine I had bought at Christmas time not knowing what I would ever use it for.....
 I really like how it all came together, I think I'll continue making more of these. I know a lot of people who could use a little Holy Shrine themselves....
myself included.
 big hugs,


  1. Very pretty! I have never seen a blonde depiction of Jesus before!

  2. I think I still have every Holy Card I ever received since I was a child. They were first kept in my First Communion Book and then after I married, in our Bible. Your tiny shrine will surely bring comfort to your friend.
    xx, Carol

  3. What a good idea. And very beautiful, too.

  4. Such a creative idea and I am sure your friend will be ever so touched by it. Such a terrible tragedy, always good to have a reminder that God is there at all times to get us through everything that happens in life!

  5. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's sister, This is a very thoughtful and beautiful gift and I'm sure that it will comfort your friend and she will treasure it.

  6. What a horrible person to hit somebody and drive off like they did nothing at all. Don't you worry, they will have to atone for that one.

    Your friend, will love it.


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