My New Pup-Pup

For Valentines day I got myself a new puppy...
Our two year old Belgium Malinois, Akira, had to be put down. Our Veterinarian ran so. many. tests... and just couldn't find out what was causing her to be so sick.... blah. Anywho, I figured I would rescue a new dog because there is such a need... and so-- here is my new puppy, Nisar. Getting a photo of an energetic puppy is hard.... cute butt huh?
 Nisar is a Beauceron.
 Not a German Shepherd, but a French Shepherd.
 Beaucerons ears can either stay up or stay down... I told Nisar to have "up-ears".... he is working on it.
After a long day selling at a local craft event, I went to our local animal shelter to look at the dogs. I got there thirty minutes before they were to close. I did my award-winning-gold-medal-speed-walking through the rows and rows of caged dogs... I felt heart-sick passing each one but I was on a mission to find "my dog." Nothing.

My husband had finally caught up with me and I advised him that I was going to go into the cat and kitten building to look at the cute cats since they didn't have "my dog." Inside the cat/kitten building they have a small enclosure that you can take a puppy into and play with it to see if you want to take it home. Well, there was a young couple in there playing with a puppy...... I peeked over the small wall and there was MY DOG. Gasp.... I played it cool as a cucumber..... long story short. I got the puppy! I was the last adopter of the day-- they stayed open late so I could do all the paper work right then and there. The sad part was I had to leave my puppy there (it was a Saturday) until Monday  afternoon when the puppy would be neutered. See the green tattoo on the belly? All animals get tattooed once they get neutered so there is no question in the future if an animal has been spayed.

It ended up being a blessing that I couldn't take my dog home with me that day as my house wasn't ready. I needed to fence off our pool, buy puppy food and lots and lots of toys...
 This little love bug loves stuffed animals.
 Ah, here is a good photo... only because he got tired!
I named my puppy Nisar after a sad love story from generations past. In the early 1900's at the Edinburgh University a distant relative of mine named Cissie met Nisar and the two fell in love. Nisar was from India and was going to school at the University to become a doctor. Nisar was a son of a rich Indian family and had been accompanied by his manservant/valet/ chauffeur while  going to school in Edinburgh. Nisar was smitten with Cissie and asked her to marry him. Cissie's father refused to let her marry Nisar because of the color of his skin and because he was of a different faith. Nisar knowing that they would never marry, was content in just spending long hours in her company. Every day, Nisar's manservant would take all of Nisar's monogrammed silver to Cissie's family's home. There he would set the table and serve the two afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, warm scones with clotted cream and preserves along with a variety of home made cakes and pastries. The two spent many days together enjoying each others company until Nisar's time at the University was up and he had to return home. As far as I know Cissie never saw him again, and never married.
I wouldn't know of this love story had it not been for this little engraved silver sauce bottle holder with the name Nisar engraved on it. I know that last names are usually engraved on silver so it can be passed down to future generations with the same surname, so I'm not 100% convinced this was his first name.... In the 1980's my grandmother was moving out of her home into another and this was on a chair with other things she no longer wanted. I was told to take what I wanted, and this little beauty became mine. Along with the story behind it as well. (it looks slightly odd in this photo because I just polished the heck out of it)
At the last afternoon tea the two shared together, this little silver piece had been left behind. Was it left behind on purpose by Nisar? Or, had Cissie taken it without him knowing about it- to always remember the man she loved and would never marry? Had Nisar gifted it to Cissie to remember him by? So many possibilities...

I have had this container for about 36 years. I'm sure Nisar and Cissie would find it funny that I treasure this little sauce holder. I've used it to hold pencils and pens and now it holds my ever growing collection of crochet hooks. I would love to find out more about Nisar. What ever became of him? Did he ever fall in love again and marry? Did Nisar become a doctor when he went back to his country... so many questions.
Sooooooooooooo... if anyone asks me, "Where did you get the name Nisar for your dog."....they are going to hear all about the love story behind the name.
big hugs,


  1. I'm so sorry you had to make a decision to let your dog go. It is always a very hard one to do.

    What a beautiful puppy. Thank you for adopting a rescue. Too many people think they have to buy a pure breed. That keeps the puppy mills going.

    If all responsible dog and cat owners would control breeding then there would be no need for rescue leagues.

    I believe that many animals including horses should not be left to randomly breed. Too many unwanted animals in this world.

    I love the story of Nissar's name. A romantic sob story.

    Happy weekend.

  2. I love this story so much. I'm sure someone with more energy than we have could find the old records from the college, trace down the family with some genealogical research and see what might have happened. But I think the imagination may be so much more beautiful -- after all, you know what matters.

    And as for your Nisar, he's simply adorable. Sometimes you know, don't you, that he is yours. You will love him all the more for his making himself known to you. (And yes, it's hard to hit a moving target with a camera but I think you did pretty darned well!) Congratulations on your new family member!

  3. Patch sends his love and slobbery kisses. He's at the vet's today getting his "manly bits" clipped. He'll be home tonight wearing the cone of shame and taking his pain meds. We need to schedule a play date for our guys!

  4. I love the the puppy ,name and the story

  5. I love the the puppy ,name and the story

  6. Wow that is quite the little cutie, Congrats on your new member of the family!!
    That is quite the story behind the name, I don't think I have ever had a story like that behind any of our furbabies.

  7. Good story about how you chose your pup's name. He is a cutie. I just had my Min Pin neutered and wondered why he had a blue line near his private part. I had never seen that before, though all of my dogs have been neutered. He is my first ever small dog who is now BFF with my Boxer/Pit Bull mix. They are kind of like Mutt and Jeff. If I had gotten them at the same time, that would have been great names for them, lol.
    xx, Carol

  8. What an adorable puppy! The story of Nisar was so touching and a perfect name for your dog!


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