Wire Wrapping

Even though I'm super busy doing a million and one things lately, I've started taking wire wrapping classes again. I really didn't get into it the last go around due to everything else taking my attention-- this time I'm actively trying my best to keep focused and follow through with actually going to the classes... I'm enjoying learning how to do it, although like all things I create, it's super tight! Here is the beginning of my first project...

It isn't bad to have it wrapped tightly, it actually makes it look really good when it is finished-- but you just better make sure you don't want to move the wire because it is locked. In. Place. The stones I'm playing around with are not the cutest, but you have to start somewhere right?
I've got a lot of Cabochons to work with, some I've made myself and a lot I've bought from various places. The nicer stones I'm saving for when I get really-really good at wire wrapping. Here is my first cabochon all done....
 It's a process, finding your comfort zone--- things you like, things you absolutely hate. I like the idea of adding a bead at the top of the bezel, I think I'll keep working on that...
 I really don't like the curly-cues of the wire ends. Everyone does it--- but it doesn't mean I have to like it! I'm sure over time I'll find another way of doing something with the ends so that I'm happy with it. Here is an attempt at something random. I created this with a mother of pearl large flat bead and some small vintage round mother of pearl beads. I like how it turned out. (even with the curly-cues)
 This one I opted not to have any curly-cues at all....
 Here is a bead that I wrapped... calm on one side...
 and cray-cray on the other side!
I have a LOT of beads, so I figured I'd pull some of those out and wire wrap them. These ended up being really small, they are all a little bigger than the size of a quarter. 
 I've bought myself all the supplies a person needs to really get into this latest crafting faze I'm trying to dive head first into.... like most things, the buying of the materials has been super fun... the actual making stuff... not so much because you actually have to work at it!!!
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  1. Looks to me like you are doing a pretty good job at it already!

  2. I would say I just love all of these, I would say you are learning well this time around, they are wonderful!!

  3. Lovely! I don't thinking I have seen this technique before. Very cool!
    xx, Carol

  4. Very good job. I wish we had a class around here I could take.
    Love the pendants.

  5. They are gorgeous! Hope to see them in person sometime soon!

  6. This is an interesting technique. They all look amazing :)


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