Quilty Cats

Last year I had made a bunch of stuffed cats using an old quilt from the 1930's. Surprisingly, they all sold and I'm getting requests for more. Who knew? I recently went to an Estate sale where I found some fun-funky quilt toppers from the 1970's. I've got a large stack cut and ready for button eyes, embroidered mouths and then a pink felt nose and of course whiskers.
 Makes you want to say things like "Right on....
 "Jive turkey"...
I had a few quilty cats left over from last year that I hadn't finished... those will be completed and added to this years "litter" of adoptables. I even made some cats using vintage chenille bedspreads.
 I also had an all white, hand stitched quilt that was a "cutter quilt"... the all white kitties are my Christmas kitties and they will be sporting a Christmas bow.
 I think I've managed to get 60 Quilty cats finished....
 I've got three bins already loaded up and ready to go...
I  still have a stack of quilty cats to finish.... the thrill of making them is fading fast! I may end up with another stack to finish at a later date!
big hugs,


  1. Hey Cheryl. I love them. I have several old ratty quilts. Down to the bottom of the tote of what has not sold in the garage sales we've been doing. This would be a great idea for them and a way for me to use them and get rid of them.

    would you please email me about what you think I could charge. I don't have a clue.
    thanks Ramona - msmitoagain at yahoo dot com

  2. they are too cute, I really love the chenille one, I don't blame you, I am not really big on making the same thing over and over, good luck with your sale!


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