New Garden

Our house is on a corner lot and I've taken part of the front side yard and fenced it in so that it not only makes the front yard look better... but it gives me room to grow a garden.
I am going to paint the fence... eventually... but I've got a lot of other little things I'm needing to address first. This side yard area was where I had a rose garden, after giving away all the rose bushes I had all of these retaining stones left. I dug up my grass along the sidewalks edge and created a long planter. Oh.My.Goodness. I'm in love!
I was lucky to have enough pavers to have it graduate up towards the house, which is great because my yard/lawn/driveway do that.
It was a lot of work moving the retaining stones, planting, putting down weed barrier, laying a drip system... and putting down the bark and rocks for decorations... I'm loving how it is turning out though!
 I have one more area next to the fence that I'm needing to complete then tie the drip system into a water line so I don't have to hand water this area anymore.
I'm going to use a cement form to lay down a cobblestone path to the gate-- eventually. I created an opening in the fence for my outdoor cats to use so they can go into the backyard. Here is my former feral cat Barney coming in the garden to join me...
  He is so good natured  it is hard to believe he was once wild.
He is like a puppy-dog... always following me around and wanting belly rubs... love him~
I was in a rush to get these tomatoes in the ground as they were pretty root bound. I only planted four out of the six I had bought as I need to buy more good dirt to turn the corner of the planter.
This new space is 25' x 25' and with that is a lot of new pickets that will shrink so, I dismantled a 8'x4' lattice to get the long thin pieces of wood to nail over the openings. I have a staple gun that also shoots nails-- so it was easy peasy to tack them up. Instant privacy. This isn't going to be your typical veggie garden. I'm going to have a few tomatoes and peppers growing in a planter and the rest of the area is going to be an area I can use all the yard surplus I have in the other side yard.
In this area by the gate I'm going to lay some red cement bricks to create an area for the wooden spool table and chairs. (I was eager to put them in this area but now are getting in my way!)

Everything except the plants I'm pulling from my other side yard where everything is stacked... I evidently over buy things for my yard as much as I do for my studio!
I have so many fun things to put in this area-- I grabbed some chairs and a bird bath.. all of which are getting in the way of making progress, so I had to stop bringing over the fun stuff until the not so fun stuff has been finished! Oh-- and I've got a huge tree stump with loads of roots that needs to come out! You can see it in the lower left part of the photo below. Just one more thing getting in my way of having fun!
I had to grab some cinder blocks and use them for stairs until I come up with a cute step down for this area.
We are expecting a long stretch of 100 degree temperatures, so I imagine other than watering-- very little is going to get done in this area for awhile!
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  1. Going to be awesome when you get through with it.

  2. Wow it is all looking fabulous, that is a lot of hard work.


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