Tree stump Pedestals

I had created some tree stump pedestals for the successful event I had in March--- the colors look super garish, but honestly in real life they look super spot on with the colors you'd find in nature.

I made the pedestals stackable for easy transportation and of course for storing.I added burlap to the underside of each one..... So, not only do I have pedestals to showcase things at different levels when needed, I can also flip each one over and use it as a bowl!I really enjoyed having the "Woodland Fairy theme" during the three day event I was apart of... I am definitely going to keep building upon what I have already made and just add to it. I've got loads of ideas for next years event in March!


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    1. Thank you :-) I have so many ideas swirling in my head to create other fun things... never enough time in the day for the "fun stuff!"

  2. very clever and they look great too!

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    You are very imaginative, and great work!

  4. Love it!!!! So glad your event was successful and these are great ideas!!


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