I had a fun day today at the boutiques~ I purchased 5 yards of fabric for $4.00 (one yard of which is vintage), a chenille basket $2.00.... a chenille bedspread $4.00 (in the washer as I type) a milk glass bowlie $3.00, a heavy wire bowlie $3.00, an old wooden shelf $3.00, two jars *free*, two wooden candle sticks $1.00/pair, a tall/thin metal laundry hamper $6.00. (I went to an antique store and saw one like it for $30.00 so I went back and bought this one) and last but not least.... one dollar for the 3 drawer small dresser. I do not need any of this stuff, I know this, but do you think it even slowed me down buying any of it? Nooooooooo --- I've got a shopping problem, admitting you have a problem is the first step. To what I have no clue....but its a step. :-P


Jean Knee said...

admitting you have a shopping problem is the first step to your favorite antique mall.

B said...

Wow, you really did score - big time! Great finds. And that chest - a steal!! Do you have a problem? Never, and I repeat, NEVER admit to anythingggg!!! :-) Brenda
P.S. I think I'm gonna need some more tutorial from you on how to add pics and such to my blog. Been trying for 2 days and can't seem to get it where I want it.

Barbara H. said...

What a treasure trove! I need to find a store like that around here!