Tuckered out~

We have been having to deal with the final stage of life for my mother-in-law. Its been emotionally exhausting. My husband is her only "family" in town and has been her sole support for her during this time. On top of all of that he is the executor of her will. I googled what an executor would have to do... and it looks very complicated. It involves a lot of paper work, sometimes going to probate court. Ohhhhhhh goody~ He did contact her lawyer and has gotten some paper work.... 2 sheets essentially costing $200 buckeroos. Who knew paper was so costly? Hmmmmm I must be a bazillionaire with all the paper I've got! :-P She has been hospitalized now going on 11 days, so he was needing to get power of attorney so he could pay her bills and take care of her home and pets. Goodness, what does one do with a huge dog and 3 cats??? Sooooooo much to do, its overwhelming.... on that note, I think I'll take a nap lol~


lindaharre said...

Thank you Cheryl for the advice for getting the edges of the resin clean from the paper they dried on! Is there a way to present that like waxed paper? I even thought of using a piece of screen to let it dry on so that all the goobers would fall through to the ground (outside of course:)....Linda

TheLittleBlueBirdDiaries said...

So sorry to hear about your ordeal. My godmother recently had to take in multiple cats from her parent's place. If they get to be too much, there are rescue agencies who will help find them a good home. Not sure if you're going that route though. Just thought I would share. My prayers are with you and your family!

All the best,


B said...

Cheryl, I feel for you and your hubby having to go thru all the legal mumbo jumbo for your mother-in-law. When my mother-in-law died, it was the same thing for my hubby and his sisters. Anytime you have to go to court for anything, it is THE PITS!!!
I've also been reading your blog everyday, but not commenting, 'cause I'm lazy, too. Your story about the heat - I'm buyin' it and usin' it as my excuse, too!
:D Brenda
P.S. I love your chair and footstool!

Sarah and Jack said...

:-( We have been having issues with my grandfather, and it is so freaking stressful. I can totally relate.