I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately lol.... I get like that sometimes. I have been sitting behind my sewing machine though, trying to at least accomplish something. I've made a scalloped edged tablecloth for my daughters kitchen table. Today I'm going to be working on a scalloped edged tablecloth for an antique table she has in her living room. I'm also going to be making her some matching pillows if I can get going on them! My daughter's kitchen and living room are almost one entire room... so she is using the same fabric in both areas. In the photo below is a quilt with the fabric she is using throughout the two rooms. I just love Waverly fabrics~ The little cutie-pie is my grandson Jonathan posing for his "four month" photo.

I'll post photos of both tablecloths when my daughter gets time to take photos. Hmmm better get to work or I'll just end up turning into a useless blob behind the ol' t.v.~

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Anonymous said...

How can I talk about pretty the fabric is when your adorable grandson is taking the focus off the fabric! What a cutie-poo!!!