Well I finished the snowman & the cottage for the two swaps I joined. I also mailed away the second package in my 3 month swap to my partner Amy.... it was a bit tricky putting labels on everything. I did put the wrong address on two packages, luckily I think I got it straighted out. *fingers crossed lol*
So here is the snowman I made. It is standing on a snowy covered star surrounded by some fluffy garland that I thought looked like branches covered in ice & snow. The box it is atop of is the shipping box :-)
Here is the cottage I made. I think it is a little to "technical" I was constructing it like I would a mini house...and had to put the breaks on that since this was to be more "cutesie" It does have glitter on it...promise :-P
Sooooooo I wasn't "feeling" this to much...so I made the cottage into more of a gift box. This way if the gal I made it for doesn't like it...she can give it away! Here is the cottage without the roof....yep, I bricked the floor~


Laura Bray said...

The cottage is really darling! Thanks so much! I'm not giving it away! NO WAY!

B said...

Did you use a kit of some kind for the cottage? It is so cute, and you REALLY are an overachiever, cheryl! I always love your work and your swap partners are very lucky to be partnered with you. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :=)

Laura Bray said...

Your cottage went out today. Yours can double as a gift box too. Mine is little different interpretation-I hope you like it. Sorry it was a bit late-I have come down with bronchitis & possible pneumonia!