100th post~

Today I spent most of the day waiting on the cable guy...no joke...lol. The big ol' dummy kept driving past the house, I saw him! At least the time wasn't wasted. I spent a good portion of that idle time baking :-) Years past I would bake for a whole week straight. I've since cut out all that nonsense lol. So I was tweeking two recipes that are not up to snuff. One is a recipe for chocolate cookie muffins and the other was bananna muffins. I made the chocolate cookie recipe a little better...but the bananna recipe..I dunno. Its edible but not so "bananna breadish" which I LoVe~I've been working a little in my studio. I have been putting copper foil around some scrabble tiles. I'm doing the words "Artsy Fartsy" I'm making indivdual charms and I'm going to hang them from little pins on the door to my studio. Should be cute. I read a suggestion that you should purchase a copper sink scrubby to clean off your solder tip while working. Maybe that will help the solder flow better? I'm going to try it~ (p.s. photo was taken from the web, I'm soooooo lazy~)

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