Wrapping it up~

Well I finished all the items I was wanting to make for everyone's Christmas. I am still wanting to make a red scalloped table cloth for my kitchen table.... along with a new dog coat for my dog Buddy. Maybe tomorrow I'll get started on that table cloth! Most everything is wrapped up for Christmas, there isn't enough room under the tree for all the gifts. So I have them all over the living room & den. I keep buying more each day. My feeling is, if you got the money and you've got the energy & time buy-buy-buy-buy-buy! I bought my husband a new wedding band (his old one is coming up on 25 years old) I also got him an air compressor (he is just going to be over the moon with that!) I still want to get him some other odds & ends. I figured I had better get him some "high-end" items as our grandson is getting bazillions of gifts.... don't want grandpa getting jealous lol

Today I hit a couple of boutiques. I bought two scrabble games at the same store... $4 bucks for both. I also bought 200 yards of brand new green grosgrain ribbon....$5 bucks. I have no idea what to do with all that ribbon. (that along with the 800 yards of black grosgrain ribbon I bought months back lol) I've got all kinds of ideas for making things for Christmas...lol... maybe next year!

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B said...

Congrats on having your shopping pretty well done, and everything wrapped? I'm green with envy! I haven't even started shopping, and if you look at my blog, you'll see the extent of my decorations for this year! lol You also did a great job with those Gabba Gabba dolls you made for your sweet little grandson. They will be a gift he will treasure for life.
Merry Christmas. :-)