Yummy day~

I started working on a little something for my "valentine swap"... ok, I can't keep a secret, I'm making a red gingham apron :-) very vintage inspired~ okokok, I'm making myself one too! Geeze, make me spill the beans....lolWith the weather being overcast and threatening rain that puts me in the mood to bake. Today after shopping *insert smile here* I made a double batch of bananna muffins. AbSoLuTeLy fabulous muffins~ To top it off, I am lucky enough to be having a sleep over/paijama party with my grandson. Am I a lucky girl or what?
This photo shows the FABULOUS muffins..... topped with a brown sugar glaze. I like to use this 3 tiered dessert server as my cooling rack. I bought it for myself for Christmas. Doesn't my tile counter look good? I tiled my kitchen myself :-)


  1. Love the muffin picture! I bet the apron will turn out great too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Your tile job is great. Geez, Cheryl, is there anything you can't do? Martha Stewart should be envious of you! :)
    Okay, I love that 3-tiered server. A great gift to give oneself - I should know, cause I've given myself several. ha ha And can you send some of those muffins over here to me? They look yummy.
    You are waaaay north of me here in sunny So. Cal., huh, cause today and yesterday, too, it's HOT in my town way down here in the OC.
    Check out my new blog look. I took your advise, along with others, who said it took too long for the polka dots to load on their computer, so hopefully, this new look will be better. :-)

  3. Tiles look great and so does the shelf. I wonder how hard it will be to keep the grout clean and in good shape?


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