Show & Tell Friday

This week for show & tell I'm showing & tellin' about some Map table cloths I've made for... yes, you guessed it, my grandson's pirate party! (coming in APRIL) Now this is just the top part mind you.... I've made 3 of these map table cloths that will be atop of...I'm thinking some black fabric, or maybe some burlap? I'm not sure yet~ This one pictured has a map from my house to my grandson's house! He is my little treasure, thats for sure!!
Here is a close up of the compass I've stenciled on one corner.

Here is how I made them if anyone is interested:
I took some ultra suede fabric and tore the edges randomly. I then went around the edge with some watered down paints. I then took the fabric outside and ever so lightly sprayed it with some spray paint in the colors of black and a red primer. I then bunched up the fabric and sprayed it a little darker to give it the look of being folded up for ages. I found and enlarged a map compass online and printed it onto cardstock paper which I then cut out and made into a stencil. I used acrylic paints to stencil on the fabric. I then just painted roughly a "map" onto this old-worn looking fabric. I'm pretty happy with the results!

The winner in my drawing for one of my zipper pins is: Susan from the blog Penless Writer. Susan if you could e-mail me your address I'll get your pin off to you toots-sweet!

This show & tell is hosted by Kelli :-)


  1. I just love creative sites! Your table covers are extraordinary! I will have to stop back. Have a great Friday!

  2. Hi Cheryl! Super cool tablecloths. I'd put them over black tablecloths so they'd really stand out. You'll have to share party pictures!

  3. What a lovely idea - very original. I can remember making a treasure map with a friend when we were in our teens. Cartridge paper, when much crinkled, will soften like fabric. We had such fun making that map. Thanks for upping a memory.

  4. Oh dear....what a BRILLIANT idea!! You outdid yourself on this,

    A pirate table cloth. Now who'da thunk it? I want it when the party's over. It'd go perfect on my dining room table with all the nautical stuff I have around. LOL

    My S n T is shared. If you haven't dropped by, I sure hope you can stop and say "Howdy Do!".

    Happy Weekend to you and yours.

  5. Some folks are SO cleaver AND creative! Obviously, I ain't one of them! You've got a great creative mind! Your grandson will love all of this that you're doing for him! Really neat!

  6. You are always so creative.

  7. Way too cool--he should love this--hope it is all a big surprise.

  8. Cheryl, you are soooo talented! You make the most beautiful, wonderful things. And thanks for sharing how you do it! Very generous of you! :D

  9. This is BEYOND adorable!! I think you could make some good money selling these! I know I've looked for map related things for our church's VBS before and found hardly anything!! This is wonderful!!!

    Mrs. U

  10. Very nice -- and it will be a neat keepsake!

  11. Your grandson is so lucky to have such a creative grandma. What a fabulous idea to add to the theme of the party!

  12. You make all this terrific
    stuff and still have time
    to blog!? You must be an
    energetic dynamo who's
    really creative! Always
    fun to check out your site!

  13. OHH, those are so neat--you did an awesome job!!


  14. What a neat pirate tablecloth ~ your grandson will be impressed and so will his friends :-)

    Mrs M

  15. Wow! We cannot even get ultrasuede in our neck of the woods. How very cool. Pirate parties definitely seem to be the thing lately.

    Thanks for the dog tips. We have tried the waste in the hole trick. That's how we've kept most of the sprinkler system still underground. He always finds new places to dig though. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. those are too your site

  17. What a great table cloth..I know my grandsons
    would love that!!

  18. How creative you are......your son will always remember.....

    Thanks for the visit with me and the Potter family.....

    We are elated over Marion and John's visit....Betty

  19. Those are SO fun, Cheryl! Perfect for a pirate party!


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