busy..... still painting/redecorating/cleaning out-- purging of sorts. When I get bitten by "spring fever" lets just say....I get "spring fever disease" and its on baby.... on big time!
Here is a little drawer cubbie that I purchased about 8 years ago~ I have never used it up until now :-) It has lived in my garage--- (yes, even the garage is getting a cleaning lol) Here is what it looked like before I painted it. It only cost me a whopping $6 bucks. Here it is now, freshly painted in a shabby pink style. I added glass knobs and distressed the piece until it was shabbish. (I'm even creative when I spell!) It is now my "condiment cabinet" now houses all those prepackaged peppers/salsa etc that you get when you order take out! Great idea huh.... just took me 8 YEARS to come up with it. lol


  1. Oh Cheryl, I Love the Pink Shabby Cabinet..... Wow Girl sounds like you have been working up a storm, No Cleaning for me, Yet ~

  2. love what you did with the little cabinet! great idea! It turned out perfect and looks good where you have it as well!
    Youve been very busy huh?

  3. Hi Cheryl! Looks like it was worth the wait! It's darling!

  4. Hey, you won a wonderful cabinet with the past of the years, lol. Now you have go shabby chic drawers!! gReat for you


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