Show & Tell Friday~

Here is a wooden mantel clock I picked up at an estate sale recently for the small sum of $3 bucks. It is a new clock-- it runs on 3 double A batteries. Two of the batteries operate the hourly/half hour chime. Needless to say, I took those out the first night!! To loud for this light sleeper sleeping way down at the other end of the house lol. When company comes over though-- I am soooooooo putting them back in! It does sound lovely!The dark wood of the clock just didn't look right in my house at all! Sooooooo I painted it-- I know, I know-- some wrinkle their noses, but it does look like it belongs now :-)
Lastly, I share my bounty of cherries with you. I planted a cherry tree last year and just look at all this yumminess. I left a lot on the tree for my yard squirrel to eat. The little stinker loves his sweets!This show & tell is hosted by Kelli :-)


  1. I like what you did with the clock. It looks like it 'fits' now. The cherries look delicious!


  2. Nice clock, and the cherries look great! At one time we lived 'in' a cherry orchard, and the farmer let us have as many cherries as we wanted - the kids were little then, and made quite a mess picking and eating those sweet cherries.

  3. Great clock "makeover"! We saw cherries at the farmer's market last week but they were $5.00 a basket!
    You're fortunate to have a tree:)

  4. Those cherries look yummy! And I like the clock painted...the bit of antiquing at the bottom is really nice. Great find for $3.00!

  5. Be still my heart....I love Bing Cherries!!!!
    And your clocks? Outstanding. What a deal.

    My show n tell in honor of mother's this weekend, is some of my mom's antique cooking implements.

    Happy Friday!!!

  6. I think the clock looks nicer in white! You did an excellent job.

    We love cherries at my little home. I hope they arrive at the grocery store soon! :)

  7. If you've been to my post, you know I love clocks. Yours are very pretty and what a bargain for the first one. I like the one you painted,too.

  8. I actually like the clock better in white! I saw it "normal" at first and thought, "Very pretty". I saw the 2nd pic and thought "WOW, even prettier!" A great bargain too!

    I am eager for the cherries to hit the store. Yours look yummy!

  9. I usually prefer wood finish but the pretty details sure did show up better after you painted it!

  10. What a difference the paint makes! You can really see the detail now.

  11. It looks like a totally different clock painted. It is amazing, and you did a fantstic job. I'm not sure if I would have thought to do that. Nice work. Cherries, what a sweet treat.

  12. I love what you did with the clock, Cheryl! What a good deal you got on it too! Enjoy the cherries...yum!


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