My Saturdays always make me soooooooo tired lol. This morning I hit another one of our local mile long (or longer) block sales. I've managed to hit one for the past 3 weeks in a row!! I got a lot of wonderful things :-) A lot of the things I picked up are going to be used as props for...yep... the pirate party. You'd think I would have had it by now..but no it is being held on June 21rst... and June 22nd (a small b.b.q.....) and June 23rd a potluck dinner with about 15 girlfriends. Might as well take advantage of a clean house huh? LOL
Anywho, here is somethings I picked up today:
A pirate chest for $3 buckeroos. (it came with brand new hinges & a clasp still in the packages!) here is the "before" photo of the chest sitting on my outdoor painting table.Here is the "after". Very piratey/boyish!
Here is a darling old lantern that I got for $2 buckeroos...Here is a sneak lookie-lou at the pirate ship I'm building on my R.V. pad in my backyard....
Busy-busy day....


  1. I wish that my Grand mom did this for me..Wow lucky your Grandson is.

  2. You are over the top, matey! lol Is there no end to your talents? Now, after the party is your daughter going to let you send all this stuff to her house to decorate the birthday boy's room? Or will you and hubby sail around the world in the ship, looking for more bounty?!
    O, and I do have plans to spiff up the shed. Not quite as elaborate as you suggested, but I don't intend to leave it looking as is for very long. I've already started moving stuff inside, and as soon as everything is inside, lots will be going on outside!
    Happy pirating! :) Brenda


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