Pirate high chair~

Here is a high chair that I picked up at a yard sale for $1 buckeroo. (I didn't take a photo of it with its tray so you could see it better!) Of course it didn't look anything like it does now... It was a (filthy) plain ol' baby high chair until I took it apart-- spray painted the frame black and reupolstered the seat and back which I then covered with some heavy duty plastic and then hot glued some rope around the edge just to finish it off~ I used my embossing heating tool to melt the heavy plastic so it curved around the edges better. Then I just used my glue gun to secure the plastic to the underside. Screwed the whole thing back together and that was it. Easy peasy and the results are super cute! This is going to be used at my grandson's yearly pirate party if there are any babies needing a high chair :-)

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  1. By far, your grandson is the luckiest little "pirate", having such a talented Gram to make all these nifty things for his birthday party. But then, they are only little for a "minute" and then they're all grown up and off doing their own thing. So I say, spoil 'em for as long as you have them around!
    O, and I'll be sure to "crash" your party, too. lol
    Seriously, all the stuff you're making for this party is amazing, and I know it will be a cherished memory forever!
    :) Brenda


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