Work in progress....

I was needing some cups for the pirate party I'm hosting, so I came up with this idea. I had bought these cups about 4 years ago and had them in my garage all these years. Something to be said for "using what you got"....(I SELDOM DO lol)The cups you can pick up at any craft store for around a dollar each. I used a super thin bamboo beach mat ($1) which I cut to fit each cup. I used some card stock to make circles which I then glued to the bamboo mat-- cut out and glued to the bottom of each cup. I then hot glued the bamboo around the whole cup insert. I used some ultra suede for the oval which I then cut out a skull & cross bones image from yardage I bought from Walmart, added red felt for the top & bottom and then I just popped the insert with the "art" on it into the plastic holder and taaaaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaaa instant cute!

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