what I bought for $8 bucks. Cute huh? *Sigh* now I've just got to paint it-- white of couse :-P
This is what my kitchen table looks like most of the time.... newspapers, some huge object on top of it and a gallon of white paint~


  1. Great buy! And once it's painted white it will be even more awesome. Ummm...when can you come over to my house and help me find some of those wise-buys you always seem to find! lol Keep up the good work/fun. :) Brenda

  2. OH..."gallon of white paint" you do paint it on with a brush! What brand do you use? I have tons of gallons of white paint, and never really have liked any of it! Of course, this way all my white in my house is different shades. Tone on tone white, I'd say! Ha!


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