I haven't been doing to much art or crafts lately, it seems all I've been doing is working around the here is some things I'm currently working on :-)

I picked up this adorable baby high chair for $3 bucks. It is a better match to my dining chairs with the rounded high back-- it just needs to be painted white (of course!) and the little doll high chair I got at the same yard sale for $3 bucks as well. cute-cute-cute!I also picked up this LoVeLy mirror for $10 bucks---
and the two solid wood/carved picture frames with flowers that match very closely to the Waverly fabrics I'm using in my dining/den area... I haven't decided to paint it all white-- yet. *insert snicker here*
I purchased tons more, but it is all tucked away so as the house looks "clean" just don't open any cabinet or some treasure is likely to fall on your head!!

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