To go...

or not to go...that is the question. I love a good yard sale, but how's a girl to know its a "good" one if you don't go? I have Craigslist bookmarked on my computer and check it several times a day. If you've never seen/heard of Craigslist, you MUST check it out! Just click on the above link then click on your state...then your city (or closest to you) and there you will find a huge listing of different things for sale! (under the "for sale" section of course lol) There is a section that is strictly for yard sales :-) I always jot them down as I come across the ones that sound the best and hit those early on Saturday morning. Sometimes I come across Friday yard sales...anywho, I went to a quicky yard sale this morning and picked up 3 boxes of old greeting cards for $2 bucks :-) I'm glad I went~


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