Saturday treasures~

Here are some things I picked up this past Saturday. I got a box full of brand new items from a scrapbook store that had closed...all this for only $10 bucks. I tallied about half of the items and it came out to over a hundred dollars! The gal had a yard full of stuff and this is allllllllllll I got. I should have just made her an offer on everything lol. (I was trying not to overbuy-- when I do that I tend to need to purge stuff-- so I pre-purged) Ohhhhhhhhhh to understand me would only confuse you!!! This is the second year she has sold some of her stock. I told her I'd see her next year as well :-) Loads of reink bottles, jump rings, ink pads, shadowing pads, paint brushes & rubber stamps :-)The vintage crepe paper streamers & Christmas stockings I picked up for a buck :-)

Finally, a tiara that I picked up for .50cents. It is missing some rhinestones-- but all the faux pearls are in place. I've got a bazillion rhinestones that I picked up for $5 buckeroos about a year ago that will do nicely as replacements :-)
Here is a photo of the tiara on a pile of my rhinestones. I would say about half of the bags had "flat backs" and the other half were jewelry quality faceted beauties :-)
This is my "birthday tiara" :-)


  1. WOW you scored! =) congrats! I esp love the colors of the streamers. ;)

  2. Birthday tiara? That means it's your birthday??? Happy Birthday!!!



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