Finally finished with eVeRyThInG :-) Here is the last two things I've been feverishly completing before the Friday deadline:
3 Crocheted Christmas ornaments~A mixed media piece of jewelry~ This is a fun piece, I'm happy with how it finally turned out :-) It has the watch chain from my father in-laws father, the oblong (faux brass) charm with the word "hope" is from one of those .25cent machines from when I was a child... and the cross/rosary is one from my collection. And the rusty bling piece was something I yanked off an art piece I no longer liked :-P This piece is called: "The key to hope & faith"These two along with the crocheted baby blanket~and the Yo-Gabba-Gabba baby quilt~Bring my total entries to 8....and whew, I'm glad I didn't sign up for more lol


  1. Wow! Talk about being productive! You just took the cake...and a ton of blue ribbons, too, I hope! Love the necklace! Everything is beautiful!


  2. Hi there! I absolutely adore your Yo Gabba Gabba quilt. I would like to attempt to make one similar to it. Can you possibly email me instructions on how you made the faces? I know you said that you used flannel but did you freehand everything, and did you sew all of the eyes and mouths on to each one or did you use a different method? I am eager to hear back from you! ~ Sarah


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