Paper party!

Jen over at Sanctuary Arts at Home is hosting a "I made it with scrapbook paper party." How fun is that?
Here are some things I've recently made using scrapbook paper.
Firstly, my Christmas cards.Now, these are not your typical cards--- I've used 3 scrapbook paper sheets per "card" which I've glued together and folded to create a photo album of sorts. (photos are of my grandson, I'm a proud Nana! lol)Each one holds 10 photos-- next year I'm going to put some on the backside as well. (second grandchild is a'coming!) Instead of using actual photos, I photocopied the photos so everything folds nicely and is less bulky~ I used foam core which I covered with wrapping paper as the front and back covers. I'll just tuck in my Christmas card under the bow and taaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaa cute as a button!Paper pinwheels-- These were created with the leftovers from the papers I used to make my Christmas photo albums.
Lastly... A paper covered tray--I picked up this small "table top" for .95cents from a local thrift store... at one time I had it painted white and on top of a stool as a impromtu table. Now its pink with a paper glued onto the center of it... edges sanded of course *love that shabby chic look* I have this next to me on my sectional sofa to use as a table to hold things so nothing slips between the couch cushions lol. It is small, only 14 1/2 inches across-- perfect for the t.v. remote control & a soda! lol


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I love the mini album. And the tray is adorable. I need to make some of those for my porch this summer!


  2. These are very cute! I love your pinwheels! Those must have taken forever!! Thanks for joining in on the party!

  3. I'd love to know how to make the paper pinwheels.

  4. Your mini album is awesome! I love your projects. :)

  5. You are so clever! I love all your projects. :-D

  6. You put a lot of work into those cute cards! And the paper pinwheels are sooo fun! But my fave is the cute is that?


  7. wow! you are such a really creative woman!!! Those are awesome!

  8. Everything is adorable and your paper pinwheels are the best! :)Nancy

  9. I love all of these, especially the table top. It's adorable! I love the elf idea, I may try that one too. I've seen these elves around that everyone is crazy about, they come with names and everything. I'll have to be on the lookout. So fun!!

  10. I love the pinwheels did you have a pattern that you followed or got any good tips that you learned from making them? Love the little mini are very creative...:)


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