Since I had my grandson this past weekend, I didn't get to go out & about and visit as many yard sales & thrift stores as I would have liked this past weekend. I did go to a few yard sales with him.... and it was a chore! Anywho, my hubby was home today so he chauffeured me (and my grandson, I had him today for a few hours as well!) to two thrift stores. I come across some major cute stuff, you just have no idea!

I spotted this silver 4 tiered number from a distance and squealed with delight all the while thinking it was going to be big-bucks. Hmmmmm $24.95.... eek. (I am so cheap lol) My husband said, "Ah, your worth it.... lets just say Happy Christmas" I chuckled and said, "Sweetie, this isn't Happy Christmas, this is just plain ol' happy Monday." I had visions of this holding ooodles of crafting stuff, my husband had/has visions of this holding candy LOL. Soooooo I hummed/hawed and looked over at the check out girl...hmmmmm I can surely get a discount from her lol. I took up the rest of my loot, did what I like to call my "razzle-dazzle" (seriously, I've got this down to a science) and got it for $20 bucks lol I could have gotten it cheaper, probably around $15, but hey, the money is for veterans and I don't want to take from them--- to much lol

The wicker two tiered number-- $2 bucks (has a tag on it from an antique store reading "Swedish Srensk B. Soljd" serving tray $25) The gold metal house--$1 buck (soon to be pink & glittery)

I got a lot of flowers & Christmas trees for $2 bucks

A lot of other things as well, all put away and forgotten already lol

Lastly, another photo of something that made me squeal~

A mouse outside my house--
in my bird feeder that I made awhile back. Look at how chubby he/she is! I think its getting fat off of the sunflower seeds! The photo is not that clear because I shot it through the sheer curtain & screen door... its cute, but... you know... eeeeeeeek!!


  1. Wow, what a treasure! This is an awesome find! I love to find things that make you so happy you do a 'happy dance and squeal with delight'!!!!

  2. You always find the greatest deals at the thrifts you go to. I absolutely love that silver tray! But the mouse - not so in love with it! The other day one of my cats was playing with what I thougth was a toy mouse. Turned out it was a real live, not make that dead, bird. Inside my house. Talk about eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!! :) Brenda

  3. at least you could take the picture of the mouse I would be running and screaming at my boys to go get that mouse outside and they would just stand and shake their head at me:) Great treasures:) I can't wait to see what you do with them...


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