Theme Thursday~

This weeks theme is birds~
I created a nest for a glittered silver bird which I gave baby blue rhinestone eyes to.... the nest was created using two pages from a diary written with blue ink-dated in the 1900's. The egg itself is an ostrich egg that I got at an estate sale for .10cents. (photo at the bottom shows what it looked like before) It was cracked, so I just broke off the top bit and worked with the bottom part of the shell~
The shell was painted white (to hide the previous decoupage) and then completely covered with glitter inside & out! I created the party hat added a baby blue feather and taaaaaaa~daaaaaaa "instant cute"

(before photo) You can see more Theme Thursday art here.


  1. OMG this is totally stunning.
    What an amazig piece of art. Love them.

  2. Beautiful, handmade art. Perfect for this week's challenge. (have you ever seen Australian emu eggs - huge - made into pieces of art. The eggs are the most beautiful deep blue with very thick shells. I imagine they are a crafter's dream!!)

  3. Beautiful work - so very original!

  4. Terrific art certainly created a beautiful piece out of your treasure find!

  5. Oh, Well done. very sweet work.

  6. Oh my goodness - this is absolutely beautiful!

  7. What a transformation you made to the ostrich egg! It is absolutely wonderful. What fun it must have been to do this piece of art.

  8. Wow! Your bird is fantstic! What a great idea you had with that egg - I would have never come up with it... Very very beautiful

  9. How fun :) Who can resist glitter :)


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