Today I hit some thrift stores..a.k.a. Boutiques! Here is a run down of what I got....a vintage hat $2An vintage aluminum tray .50cents, 20 paint brushes .75cents, a baggie of little glass animals that came in tea boxes .50cents, (that would have taken me a life time of drinking tea to get that many!!) a new roll of ribbon .25cents, a small glass ginger jar .50cents, an old round metal working music box .50cents, a gold/glass bird .25cents, and a handful of crystals for .50cents....A battenburgh Christmas tree skirt for $3, six vintage egg shaped napkin rings for $1.50 (to repaint or not to repaint that is the question!)... and 4 plastic price thingies from a grocery store that stick inside of large boxes of fruit for .25cents. I am going to use these to make markers for my trees telling everyone what kind they are. I need more of these! lol A new in the box hummingbird feeder for $3, a bag of small wooden blank blocks .50cents (I have no idea what I'm going to use these for!) a glittered Christmas bell wreath .50cents, four sprays of red berries for decorating...and a cardboard tartan box that has small drawers in it for .25cents. I also picked up these vintage --whatever they are cardboard thingies for .25cents for the lot. They have fold lines but have never been folded-- crazy!This small six drawer cabinet was only .50cents. I am going to paint it (of course) and pop out the current "display" that is inside each drawer and maybe fill it up with different colored buttons.... caute!Another pirate chest.... this one was only $3.95cents~Best of all.... a box of old ribbons for *drum roll please* .25cents.
Seriously, I don't need any of this stuff....but wanting it is a whole other story~


Shelly said...

Guilty also. I bought some stuff on Etsy that I HAD to have to craft wedding toppers and crowns.

THEN I went to the craft store (Here we have a great Ben Franklin) and bought a ton of ribbon and boxes. Oh and some stencils, and some paints, and of course MORE glitter!!

I spray painted a wire shoe holder I bought at an Estate Sale for $5.00 to hold some of my crafting supplies,,,,and then contemplated what the HECK I was going to do for the Alice in Wonderland tea party Event.

Where is the Crafting& Junking 12 step program???

Le_Vintage said...

oh girl you hit the jackpot! look at all those amazing treasures you came across- that treasure chest is lovely im totally jealous!!! and those cards have never been folded? totally crazy!
hope you're having a fantastic week.

Le Vintage

P.S. I'm having a swap over at my blog, would love it if you would join

Heidi said...

Ooh, you found GREAT stuff! I think those prize ribbons are just screaming to be fussied up for 4th of July!

Pam said...

I love to go treasure hunting at trift stores,antique stores and yard sales. You can find some really neat stuff to redo, rework, play with and make a trash become a treasure. Thanks for sharing.