Somethings gotta give~

It is all or nothing for me.... lately its been all about yard work. I tend to have tunnel vision on things I currently have a passion for and don't put any focus on things like I should...like house work... and secondly my blog... and eeeeeeeeeek that 4th of July swap I joined. (I've so got to wrap that up and mail it out) Something's always gotta give--- or else you'll start ripping out your seams~ I am trying so hard to get everything in perfect order before the 100 degree temperatures set in for the summer.... anywho... here are some photos from my yard so I don't feel like such a slacker. Yes, I have been accomplishing somethings! *woot-woot*
Here is one of my plum trees loaded down with plums~
My wonderful blackberries...... growning on an arch of course!I only harvest a handful a day, washing/drying then freezing them until I have enough for a pie. It takes a l-o-n-g time to get enough for one pie... that gets eaten in ONE day.Of course I've been feverishly working on things for the upcoming "Mad Hatter's tea Party" that is being held on June the 27th. I am holding mine in my grandaughter's garden that I've created in my backyard. It is still a work in progress mind you.... I've recently created the look of a gate leading into the area using two wrought iron trellis pieces- caute!Here is a sneak peek at some of the early guests that have shown up already.

Of course no tea party is complete without a teacup tree firmly planted next to a metal lemon tree. Very convenient huh!As you can see, Chloe's little garden has a lot of stuff in it. Oh trust me... there is a lot more to see. Every statue is getting a hat-- geeze, speaking of hats,I must go make some more!


Cris said...

Wow! Your plums and berries are mouth watering! I admire your wide variety of artistic talents and love for nature. Keep it up!

Cheryl ~ZanyMayd said...

Hi Cheryl ~ Love the pics of Your Yard..... also wanted to Share the Wonderful News ~ My Daughter had a follow-up Ultra sound today.....
The Brain Cyst on the Baby is GONE~
We all Prayed for a Miracle & God was So Good to Grant this ~
Thank You for Keeping Baby Miller in Your Prayers....

Prayer Is Amazing !