Faux Soldering

When I created these bubble Christmas ornaments...I wanted to cover the seam where the bubble was glued to the cardboard to give it a nice finished look.I pictured them being soldered.... Well if you've ever soldered before, you know that it heats up not only the solder & copper foil but whatever it is that your soldering. Seeing how the bubbles are made out of plastic, soldering wasn't an option. Sooo-- with that said, I had to do a faux soldering treatment on these little fairies in the bubbles. Here is how I did it, so easy-peasy.
I laid some masking tape onto some cardstock paper... then just cut that into 1/4 inch sections.Then I just pulled each piece, tape side in the ink through the embossing ink and then covered each with a generous amount of silver embossing powder. Hit each one with the heat gun and wah-lah, instant soldering that is ready to be applied to my plastic bubbles.Here are the bubbles with the soldering pieces glued in place~

Easy peasy~


vivian said...

great idea! and these are adorable!

★Carol★ said...

Those ornaments are gorgeous, and I love your solution to the soldering problem! Now have you got any alternatives to welding?!

Unknown said...

GENIUS!!! Great solution!!
You are so creative hun
Annie x

Unknown said...

I guess my mind just doesn't think like that. Again, I am just amazed at your creativity and problem solving. These are so pretty but I still can't get over your faux soldering - amazing!