Christmas Cards~

Busy, busy, busy... Here are this years Christmas card photos that I whipped up to be shipped out along with my Christmas cards. Next year I'm going to be doing something easier as this takes forever to finish.
Here is the outside....Lets untie the bow and peek inside shall we?
Here is the inside....a close-up of Chloe with Santa...Flip the photo of Chloe and Santa up to reveal another shot of Chloe and Santa crying~ The caption reads, "What?" "Your out of CANDY CANES?"Here is the backside of the card with even more photos.Here it is all tied up again and ready to be mailed.I've got a few more that I'm needing to make and then I've just got to wrap them up and ship them out. I'm shooting for tomorrow... wish me luck!


Spyder said...

wow these are fantastic, a treasure to keep forever!

Alice said...

very cool! little scrapbook cards...i love it!