Thrifted treasures~

Slim pickings these days... I picked up this stack of vintage fabric for $2 Included in the bag were large pieces of leather in different colors. Who knows what I'll do with those, but I'm sure something will pop into my head one day. (there was a lot more fabric, but this is all I'm keeping) The three pumpkins were $1 each. The tall thingie thats painted white (its brass) was $1. The small silver thingie was $1.50. I've already got that in my bathroom holding some perfume. This fabulous little jewelry box for only $1.20 cents. Who prices these things? Caute huh? The outside is dirty but the inside is clean/brand new. It has green felt with a removeable tray for larger items on the bottom. The mirror still has the tape across it from when it was shipped. I am soooooooo going to paint this white and distress it~Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I got boxes & boxes of craft books, recipe books, paper craft books & magazines, scrapbook & card-making magazines & books, crochet books & magazines, knitting books etc-etc-etc... all for $20. Here is a photo of just some of them~She started off at $50 bucks-- gasp. Then I played the pitty card. Whoa is me-- to much for my budget--- so close to Christmas. I tell ya' I was in rare form! I'm thinking had I continued she would have given them to me for free. I've been neglecting my blog to read through them allllllllllllllllllllll~ I don't have much more to go through, I've got a several small stacks I'm going to keep, the rest is going up for sale on craigslist!

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Charlene said...

WOW you hit the Mother Load!!!! My hubby thinks one whole side of the house will crack off the foundation due to stress from magazines & books. Soooooooo glad to see others have the same disease. And they think H1N1 is dangerous. Ha they know nothing. Enjoy.