A dress for Alice~

I finally got around to finishing the little dress for my grandaughter who is going to be playing the lead in the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland- Mad Hatter's tea party" to be held here on June the 26th.I bought the little lacy dress and added the blue fabric from a pair of ladies silk pants... both thrifted finds. I think in total it cost a mere $2.50. Not bad for a play dress~I've still got to think of something for her hair... a single bow? a headband with a bow? a hat? I also stitched the sails and the pirate bunting for the pirate ship thats in our backyard.
I also added a lot of old discolored netting to the ship as well. I still have to add a fabric roof over the ships cabin, and I'm thinking the ship needs some throw pillows. Now, I'm off to go make party hats for all my garden statues.... I know, nutty huh~


Diane Costanza said...

Wow! Is there nothing you cannot do?? You are a wonder with a needle!


Nishant said...

This is lovely post.
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~Sheri~ said...

Will you be my Grandma...?
You are so talented....the pirate ship and that darling little dress!

The way you took a drable plastic playhouse and made it look like a little palace....so fun!

Take tons of pics of the B~day party :)

Just wanted to Thank youfor supporting my daughter and I and stopping by our booth at each sell. Sorry we did not give you a discount...forgot with all the craziness. Betty came by too....we owe you both.

I will be contacting you and Betty soon...maybe we can all get together for coffee or lunch~my treat;)

~Sheri~ said...

I Meant DURABLE plastic playhouse...not drable~lol

Little Lovables said...

that is amazing! and wow, a pirate ship in your backyard, my boys would looove that!