Thrifted treasures~

I had a wonderful time at a block sale I went to with my hubby this past weekend... Don't think I'm gushing or anything, its just nice having someone to carry my stuff. Just keeping it real~ I managed to pick up 5 chaise lounge pads for $1 each. *insert happy dance here* I got this mechanical monkey for fa-reeeeee. I can razzle dazzle can't I? It lifts its arms for you to pick it up then it drops its arms and looks down all sad when you don't, it also makes a lot of monkey sounds-- super cute & funny. It is so getting a pirate outfit! I also scored three trophys for $1 each. I'm going to turn them into first, second and third prize trophys for the best dressed pirate at our upcoming party. I've saved the best for last! Look at this fabulous childrens ice cream parlor table and chair set I scored for $40. I talked her down from $55.Here is a photo of my grandaughter inspecting the quality of the newly acquired furniture. (she loves chairs, just like her Nana!)
Here is Chloe sitting on top of the table while her Nana went to the kitchen to get her some apple juice~
and yes, I took a photo and then took her off the table!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You and I both got treasures this past weekend!

LOVE the parlour table...it rocks!!

Deborah said...

Great finds! Isn't it fun to go treasure hunting!

Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids said...

So love the table and chairs.. JEALOUS!!! LOL
Crystal Lynn
PS: Not sure about that Monkey though LOL : )~