Gold Gilt Frame

Look at this fabulous gold gilt frame I picked up awhile back for only $3. It is very heavy and extremely ornate with a light pink velvet mat (which is wet due to the fact I was trying to clean a dirty spot, I hope it comes clean) I love the gold on this frame--- but I just knew I'd love it even more if I painted it white. I slathered the frame willy-nilly with some crackle medium. Waited 25 minutes and painted it white. Once the paint dried, I aged it using some stain. I added 100 year old sheet music to some foam core to use in the opening of the frame....Here it is all finished. I added the glittered "Merry Christmas" sign which I bought at our local Dollar store. Cute. And yes..... that spot will get loaded up with stuff ;-P I've linked up to this holiday party.


  1. Love it! A real bargain at $3.00. I would have painted it too! Off to the dollar store for that sign!


  2. What a great idea (Merry Christmas sign over the music)!!!

  3. Great find! It does look ten times better though now that you have painted it. The Merry Christmas sign looks great on the music paper background.

  4. I love this type of frame and yours turned out great. Wish it would be possible to get a bargin like that in Norway. Here its a steel if I get one for $40.
    Hope you have a good week :)

  5. Oh, 3 dollars and it looks like a million!! Gorgeous, and so smart. Thanks for sharing and popping by.
    Keep smiling and creating

  6. What a lovely cute & clever idea...your frame looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!


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