Treasure hunting...

I managed to find some treasures this weekend... I am on the constant look out for them....argggh. I just wish the best yard sales had big X's on them so I knew the ones to go to rather than waste my time at the duds! Anywho.... here is my loot~ I got a large lot of souvenir spoons... A tiny assortment of jewelry and a fabric hosiery/jewelry box. I bought two small wooden sorting cabinets. These are perfect for holding small trays of jewelry that I'm currently working on. At a outdoor swap meet--- I picked up this gem. A drill press. Love it. After this photo, I soaked it in a hot soapy sink to get it spic & span. Look at this fabulous table that I bought for only $5! This adorable table almost didn't make it home with me. I seriously have no room for it in my home. Isn't it dreamy.... *sigh*... it does need a little bit of gluing and a whole lot of white paint, but you surely see the potential don't you!! *woot-woot* The gal selling it told me... "You could toss a table cloth over it and you wouldn't even notice how it looks." Oh my goodness, that was the funniest thing I had heard in months. She actually went inside her house and brought out a table cloth she had used on it and covered it--- *that still makes me chuckle*


  1. You scored big the table! I am presently grounded from yard sales....we are trying to down-size!

  2. oh boy! what fun! come by for some puddin n pie!

  3. Great finds! I like the table, and those spoons are perfect for you!

  4. That table is divine! So funny that the lady hasn't heard of painting furniture. She would be surprised if she saw what you do with it!

  5. I collect souvenir spoons. You got a great set there. Why would anyone want to cover that table? I thin it is lovely just the way it is, but after you do your makeover magic, it will be even more beautiful. Hope your week is great. Tammy

  6. Those sorting boxes are NICE!



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