Christmas swappin'

I joined two swaps this holiday season.... One of the swaps was exchanging 9 Christmas ornaments. Once the ornaments were made we were to send them to three gals-- three ornaments each. The other Christmas swap was making 20 tags and getting an assortment of 20 tags back.
Here are the ornaments I've made... Here I've taken some vintage gold angels and painted & distressed them and added some plumage to their wings. Whimsical party hats finish those off....Next, I painted little signs that read, "A cupcake for Santa" I imagine he gets sick of eating cookies at every stop~Lastly, wire chandeliers. I wanted a chandelier to put into the Barbie house I'm working on--- while working on a prototype, I figured I could make them to hang on a Christmas tree too. I love how these turned out!I also began working on the 20 tags..... so far all I've done is finished fussy cutting the 20 vintage images to use on the tags. Of course, once I finished cutting those, I immediately wanted to do something else..... I'll just push those to the bottom of the ever growing list of things I'm working on. Closer to the mail out date, I'll appreciate those pre-cut images and use them happily :-p

I've been super busy working on some more pendants. These little bitties are going to be listed for $5 each (no chain, just the charm) The red on these charms is just a reflection from some red glass.I am over the moon with these little bitties.... I used copies of vintage & antique Holy cards. The old images are so beautiful! These little charms are going to be listed for $5 each as well. (no chain, just the charm)


  1. I thought of you the other day when I was at an antique mall. There was a whole collection of souvenir spoons in a rack. I can't remember the price, but it was very reasonable.

    Your ornaments are beautiful and so creative.

  2. you are always doing something amazing... I LOVE everything.. but I especially love those spoons..omg.. the ones with mary on them are gorgeous!
    as always cheryl... you rock!

  3. Thanks, Cheryl for the advice on getting rid of the stains. I'll give it a try. I've been wanting to put a link for my etsy shop on the side of my blog. I just have to figure out how to do it!

  4. Those are really cool pendants - what a cool idea.

  5. Love these! You can make something cute out of anything can't you! I love coming to visit to see what you've created new! Have a great weekend!xox-cindy

  6. 1...What a fun idea! I think I'm going to have to copy cat you!!

    2... I love your kitschy ornaments; especially the ones with the Madonna!
    You and your blog are amazing!

  7. Too cute (as usual). I really love the chands! Want to make 1 to sell to me??? Also I want one of the Mary pendants. Do you want me to get it off Etsy or do you just want to save me 1? I'll send you an email. Now I guess it's my turn to blog huh?

  8. Your ornaments are darling! Thanks so much for joining my swap! :)

  9. Thanks again Cheryl for my lovely ornaments. I had so much fun swapping with you. You are so creative. I love your spoons. They are so darling! Hugs, Marian


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