Its the most

wonderful busiest time of the year. I finally finished making the tags for the tag swap I joined. I had no real plan... I just winged it. I used flocking for the very first time. I love/hate it--- I used the flocking for the snow she is skating on plus on the snow flakes as well. I also made a dimensional box to ship the tags in. I had bigger plans for this box--- but thats as far as I got with it~ I cut apart a second image and glued that on top of the first and added glitter--- so 1970's :-P After months of searching, I finally found enough game boards to finish up a wall area in my playroom. I hung the boards up and dusted the gazillion wooden stacking toys and other things I had on the shelf~Then I messed around with my cat Pee Wee...

He wasn't to pleased with me after this photo shoot with the santa hat and had to retaliate by knocking things down....Happily busy-busy-busy...


  1. Darling tags, Cheryl! And your kitty ~ so cute:)


  2. Did you know that I'm in that swap too? I can't wait to get my tags. The ones I've seen so far are so cute!

  3. I love your game boards! they look great. And your kitty sounds like mine.. hes always knocking things off shelves!

  4. love all the game boards, and your sweet kitty! and... your tags of course too. I know.. busy busy busy! to busy.... in fact I should not even be on the computer! lol!
    have a great weekend!

  5. Dear Cheryl, Your Christmas tags just arrived today! You have absolutely outdone yourself this year with these tags, I wish you could see the smile they have brought to my heart. Wonderfully clever with the foil background, I can't wait for everyone to hold them in hand. Thank you again so much for joining me for this tag swap. I wish you the merriest of Christmas and all good things this coming New Year. Elizabeth

  6. You did pretty darn good for winging it, I say you aced it. Love the tags. How come your not my best friend and live just down the street from me, life is just not fair :(

  7. I really like your tags you made for your exchange

    really cute and creative

    Merry Christmas



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