I bought a binder full of plastic pockets at a thrift store for .50¢. You know the kind, four slots per page. Immediately I knew what I wanted to do with them.... cut them apart of course.With a paper cutter, I cut them in half and cut the side strip off. Next, I carefully cut down the sealed divider between each pocket with scissors. After all of that, I was left with fabulous thick plastic pouches. I went through my huge stash of vintage bingo cards to use inside each newly created "bag"... I inserted the bingo cards into each pouch and they become a perfect container to hold my spoon necklaces that I make. Makes them easier to transport too...This set... and this set are all being shipped to Texas.... At a later date, I would like to add some kinda topper that I can staple shut. That is going to have to take some thought, as there isn't a lot of plastic to grab onto without covering up the word "bingo" Alas, that is going to have to wait for another day... I see something glittery across the room and its calling my name. *wink*


  1. Adorable to receive too
    Your designs are gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend

  2. Oh my gosh - what a great idea! So clever and eye catching! Great job - and the necklaces are pretty nice too..... ;)

    Take care!

  3. What a genius idea for your packaging! Love the bingo cards, they are a wonderful added touch to your divine spoon necklaces. :)

  4. This is a fantastic idea! I am trying to get my mind around setting up at an outdoor market. In my head I'm aiming for next spring. Therefore; ideas on displaying are buzzing through my head and I'm making mental notes every time I see a fresh idea. Thank you for sharing this.

    Also, it is always fun getting a visit from a new blogging sister, and I was delighted to read the comment you left on my blog. I am happy that you like my old galvanized bucket. The best thing about it is that my husband is not ruining my dishtowels now.

    I am your newest follower, and I would be tickled pink if you came back and hit my follow button, too.
    Have a wonderful week, Connie

  5. This is a great idea and makes your pretties look so cute.Thanks for your sweet comments. I had a lunch box like that too-I must be old as dirt too. LOL! Have a great day!

  6. Sweet, I like that idea. I also like that musical background on your blog, very pretty. Of course, I love those necklaces!

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    Beautiful necklaces, and the packaging so cute. A great idea!

  8. Perfect - love the added vintage appeal!



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