San Juan Batista

This past weekend I went to the San Juan Batista antique street fair. We got up there super early and had no problem making our way from booth to booth. I got distracted by the beautiful old buildings that were the backdrops to the street booths... Cute, cute, cute.Tables and tables of bling... All kinds of fabulous blingy treasures...I get all of my old jewelry at yard sales and so I was very surprised to see what they were charging for their jewelry. *Yikes* Who knew?I was drawn to this pastel colored booth with the aprons hanging from her umbrella.I swooned at this table for awhile.... cute!This was my favorite display from the entire day. I am going to make one of these for my own jewelry, so of course, I had to snap a picture of hers... Those little round stamped labels were the price tags for some of the jewelry she had pinned to the burlap. Pricey! I pay about .25¢ each for the pieces I find. Here is another picture from the same booth... I fell in love with this black chandelier....This guy is here year after year selling his Pez toys and old jelly jar glasses...Everything looked like yard sale stuff to me, but with huge price tags! The only antique/vintage thing I spotted that I love-loved was this set of shutters with anchors cut into them. Caute!I did hit a bunch of yard sales that were being held all over town while the antique sale was going on. I was determined to buy some jewelry... and buy jewelry is exactly what I did! Its great to have lots of fun pieces to repurpose...I did find two sterling silver items... .10¢ each *big grin*It was a fun morning of shopping~


  1. It is crazy some of the prices vendors put on vintage/old jewelry.Sounds like you shop for old bling like I do. Many of the pieces I make end up going to teens or tweens so don't want to invest a lot of money in the supplies I use.

  2. I really loved the old buildings in the background! The anchor shutters are awesome. I might have had to go home with them, pricy or not.

  3. Lucky! I only find cool stuff like that on etsy at way high prices! Bet you had load of fun :O)

  4. Some really nice vintage broaches there, even if there was sticker shock. ;)
    I love vintage broaches.


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