The Tooth Fairy...

is coming for a visit! My grandson lost his very first tooth! Goodness, wasn't it just yesterday I peered into a bundle of blankets to see his tiny toothless face... *sigh* This morning my grandson woke up my daughter (his mother) yelling that he had lost his tooth, she thought she would have to search for it... since he was yelling he "lost" it... but it was tightly held in his little hand... Dollar signs for pupils no doudt. Cute.Cute.Cute.
Of course, I had to make him something to put his tooth inside of so that the tooth fairy could easily find it and replace it with some cold hard cash...... One happy kid...
He told me I did a good job... but, "Whats this on the backside Nana?" I told him it was a seam I stitched closed to hold in the "stuffing"... he told me, "Oh, thats ok it looks like that." *lol*I slathered some glitter paint onto a couple of dollar bills to be placed in the "tooth" once his baby tooth is taken out.... I was going to glitter up a five dollar bill... but figured my grandson would have his fingers in his mouth trying to wiggle out even more teeth--- and Nana isn't ready for him to grown up that much yet. *wink*


  1. So cute!My little grandsons are losing their teeth too.

  2. He is a cutie and you are such a sweet Nana! Love the tooth keeper, it's adorable, what a great idea.

  3. How darling is he? How cute! Yeah they definitely grow up too fast! Love how you created his tooth fairy pillow, definitely makes it extra special! Something I am sure he will cherish forever. :)

  4. He is adorable. Did you get to see his reaction when he found the cash?

  5. He is adorable. What a great Nana you are.




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