JJ's Garage...

I finally finished the car sign for my grandsons car themed bedroom. The process is long and tedious... but the results are worth it.Here is how I made it if anyone is interested...

Firstly, I found an image online that I wanted to use... I cleaned up the image so I could add my own text....Once the text I needed was added, I enlarged the image and printed it out onto several sheets of paper which I then connected together to make my pattern. I cut a plywood circle and painted it white, then I transferred the design to the wood circle using graphite paper. Once the image was on the wood, it was just a matter of painting it until it was finished. It takes about 4 to 5 coats of acrylic paint to get really good coverage. Then, I sanded the entire surface and took a pair of scissors to the edge to scuff it up even more. Instead of using stain on this piece, I tried using some Old English scratch coverage polish and it worked beautifully! Once the piece was stained, I hammered in some metal stars that came with one of those Bedazzling machines that were popular back in the day....I really love how the stars make the entire piece look even more vintage. My grandson is very happy with his "Jonathan's Garage" sign. He is such a little love-bug~This is the second sign I've made using this image. The last one I was soooo proud of.... until I saw where it ended up. *sigh* "C'est la vie"


  1. Nice job - you did good and your grandson looks happy with it also.
    Sorry someone grew tired of the other one. Yep - have had something similar to happen before also.

  2. Ahhh... that's so sad! After all that hard work! Well, at least the one little guy loved what you did for him! Great idea... and one I haven't tried... to use Old English Scratch Cover. I'm making note of that one!!

  3. Your sign is wonderful! I love making signs, they are fun and look so great.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Wow, that is incredible! Sadly not everyone appreciates what goes into a creation but I can see your GRANDson does!
    Was told we could have the babies fixed when they weighed at least two lbs. I want to have them done before they go to their new homes so hope we can.

  5. Shame on Emil!!! BUT JJ looks sooo happy! I can't wait to see his room reveal! Oh guess what I got last weekend??? I got a treadle sewing machine!!!! Call me...


  6. WOW, That sign came out great. I wish my boys weren't too old for something like that. I love how you painted it-it looks professional!

  7. He is also as cute as a bug. I have 5 grandsons so am an expert on cuteness.

    Great job on the sign and you could tell how excited he was.




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