Last night I came home at around 9:30ish from an evening with some girlfriends.... as I pulled up to my driveway I looked across the street to the vacant foreclosed home and spotted a small white truck parked slightly inside the backyard gate. *GASP* Soooooooooo playing it cool-- you know, I turned into my driveway and parked inside the garage and closed the garage door. I made a b-line to my husband--- who was already in bed sleeping--- and told him to call 911. From the time he called, and the time I called all the neighbors to inform them... and to ask them to call the police too... the person in the truck had closed up the gate and was idling on the street in front of the house. It sat there for about a minute and then clicked on its lights and drove slowly away. The police showed up about 5 minutes later.....When the police showed up, I recognized the officer as one I had met a week earlier. His family lives down the street. Anywho.... I had a huge flashlight, I followed the two police officers into the backyard all the while just chattering away. Who does this? Um, yea- me.... I know, I know... I was totally expecting to see copper pipes or the pool filter in pieces ready to be hauled away at a later time. What I didn't expect was the police officer that was directly in front of me to pull his gun from his holster and turn to me and ask me, "Can I have you leave the property please?" At that very moment I had shined my flashlight on a huge pool of blood on the ground... then a drag mark.... and another huge pool of blood. "No problem, I'm outta here!"
After a night of no sleep what-so-ever watching the comings and goings of the police, the end result was finding out that a body had been brought to this foreclosed home to be "dumped." I didn't see the person who did this, I couldn't describe the truck other than it was white..... I was pretty impressed with the neighbors who all came together. We have a really tight group of "nosy neighbors" who think nothing of calling the cops if need be~

On the drive over to visit with my friends last night, as I sat at a red light next to the church that is by the house I was going to. I was watching for the lights to change when I glanced down to a small statue I have of the Virgin Mary on the dashboard of my car. I don't know what came over me---- but all of a sudden I said the Hail Mary about 20 times in a row... Weird.... whatever brought that on, I had no clue. But you know, in retrospect--- maybe that was my "protection" for what laid ahead of me that night when I got home.... just sayin' the power of prayer people. Believe in it! Even though this was a scarey situation, I felt- and still feel safe. okokok... a little weird-ed out-- but safe :-)


  1. wow, not many people could say they have experienced what you did. Glad you were on your toes and safe inside.

  2. Oh my Cheryl to have something happen so near your home must be unnerving to say the least.

    I got a call from our local police informing us that an escaped convict is in our area and asked us to lock all windows and doors and stay inside. Never had anything like this before- they still have not apprehended him so all are on alert.

    bee blessed

  3. Wow - Sorry your had to experience something like that. Not a good feeling.

  4. Oh, my heavens! I was sort of expecting a tongue-in-cheek post... never realizing what the end of the story was! Sooo very scary!!! Gives me the shivers! Good for you to call the police as well as the nosy neighbors. And yes, the power of prayer is remarkable!

  5. I'm sooo glad you are ok and a nosy neighbor! And I'm glad the hubs was home too!

  6. AMEN sister, prayer matters, believe does happen, SO call on the One that will truly protect you...blest be ;D

  7. OOO, gave me goose bumps. That could be an episode on CSI.

  8. That is just awful. It will forever boggle my mind how anyone can do such a thing and walk away. I hope they find the person who did this. Wishing you well, Tammy

  9. I am glad you are ok! What a terrible thing to find! Hope they find who did this!
    Hugs from me!

  10. OMG, Cheryl! Glad you are ok, hope they catch the person who did this!!!


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