Do You Moo?

Recently, I took the plunge and ordered some professionally made business cards... I didn't search through the pages and pages of samples to choose from---  I think this style was on the very first page. I am going to use some spray adhesive on the backsides of some of these and add some vintage sheet music...

There is an ad on the television right now for 250 business cards for only $10.00 from BUT... if you go to their website and click on the tab at the top that reads "Business Cards" under that heading there is a "free business card" button. Click on that instead and get the same 250 business cards for only $7ish.... that pays for the shipping fee. Now, here is the sweet deal.... once you get to the check out... they offer you another 250 business cards for only $3.00 more. Soooooooooooo you get 500 business cards for only $10.00 instead of the 250 they were trying to sell you initially for "the great price of $10.00" (I blocked out my phone number *wink*)

Do you Moo????? Here is a great deal on Moo cards....
 It seems Etsy and Moo have come together to offer everyone who has an etsy store 100 free cards. You do have to pay for shipping, I think the shipping for my order was $5.00. This is a great deal, they normally charge $14.99 plus $5.00 for shipping for 100 Moo cards. So, your saving $14.99! The only draw back to "free" is--- you have to have the word "etsy" printed on them and they do not come in a glossy finish.  Also, they photograph/show really well on my blog--- but they charge another $3.00 to add a glossy finish to them. In person, they are very dull/flat looking...
 If your wanting to order some, when you create your mini Moo's--- it will show you where the word "etsy" will be when it is printed, so you can move your image so it won't be covering something cute. *wink* Besides, you can always cover the word "etsy" with a smidge of tea dyed lace and a old millinery flower... ta da..... instant cuteness!
 The backside of these have printing on them as well as the photo on the front... I have my blog address and my etsy address on the back of these. I made a small hole at the other end of the Moo card with a grommet punch and used some floss to make mini tags....
I don't think I would ever order Moo cards again--- Maybe if I saw them all glossy and gorgeous I would... but like I said, they are very d.u.l.l. looking~ But, it is fun to get things in the mail!


  1. The moo cards are lovely and you certainly got great deals on them. Sure beats making them entirely handmade yourself. Have a great day. Tammy

  2. Thanks for the info. I was going to have some cards made up when I thought I would be selling my jewelry, but did not go any further with it all.


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