Yard Sailing....

my-oh-my... it was a great weekend of treasure hunting. I got a lot of jewelry... for fa-ree!! CrAzY! A lot I can repurpose.....
Along with some junque jewelry.... for pirate loot...
I got seven unopened boxes of tie dye kits and three packages of tie dye markers. New, the boxes were $12.99 and the markers were $8.99 for a total cost of: $118.00. I paid three dollars for all of it. Next summer, I see some tie dyed bed sheets, t-shirts... and whatever else my two grand kids want to tie dye!
A lot of fabulous cook books for baking cupcakes and cakes...
and some craft books, these two piles for only $5.00!
Thirteen sets of brand new alphabet rubber stamps,
and an assortment of brand new chalks, chalk brushes, ink pads, molds, embossing powders, a pile of stickers, more stamps and 3 rolls of washi tape. I got everything shown above and below for only $10.00.

Fun times, fun times... now to find the time to play with all this new stuff!


  1. Wow ! Nice haul - you really did good.
    Have a great week - looks like you are off to a good start. :)

  2. What a smart way to buy!! I'm totally amazed at your haul!

  3. Great finds!
    And you got the Cake Doctor, one of my favorite cookbooks, love it, great recipes!
    Happy baking!

  4. Wow, you got a load of scrapbook goodness for $10. The ladies on the scrap yard(facebook) sell that stuff for good money.

  5. Fantastic job finding all the jewelry....nice. My mother picked up this busy necklace and earrings at a yard sale that was a bit much for me, but I ended up making two pieces (2 necklaces and two pairs of earrings) so far with parts from that one....and still more to go. You could turn out some great stuff with all that.

  6. Man, you hit the jackpot! Lots of crafting and cooking coming your way.



  7. I bow to your yardsailing expertise!!! You are truly the queen!

  8. Hi Cheryl,, you are amazing.. If I ever get through the stuff on my work table, will watch for the garage sales down in the valley. For right now, up to my ears... I will be showing at the Coarsegold Museum on the 5,6,7th of Oct. for Sierra Art Trails, if you are in the area stop in and say hi!
    Love looking at your blog, busy lady!

  9. And she scored!!!! Good for you! Times like that just keep feeding the need to continue going to garage sales. You never know what fabulous finds you will discover!!

  10. WOW! You did GOOD! It's sales like these that make me keep getting out there.

    In JOY, sandy


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