Pointy Paper Witches Shoes

It is no secret... I love to make stuff. With my grandson in kindergarten this year, I volunteered to be one of the "room mothers" of his class room. I know right? lol.... The first party of the school year is fast approaching. I wanted to make some party favors to pass out to everyone in the class.... so I whipped up some pointy witches shoes to fill with candy. I had to make several prototypes to come up with something that would pass as a pointy shoe. Here it is in all its colorful glory.

 I made the pattern for a pointy witches shoe, then scanned it to my computer and then simply cut 12x12 halloween scrapbooking paper down to 8 1/2x11 and printed the pattern directly to it. Easy-peasy.

 The hardest part was cutting out all of the pieces... gluing it together was tricky but I quickly found ways to speed that up as well.

I made a total of 34 pointy witches shoes...... Which I filled with candy :-)

I used black netting cut to 12 inch lengths to hold four pieces of candy tied up with black and white curling ribbon with a plastic spider ring to top it off....
I also made a two tiered shoe stand to transport the halloween goodies to my grandsons classroom....

I think they turned out rather cute!

I'll share the pointy witches shoe template and directions soon :-)


  1. cheryl... grandma you rock! how stinking cute those are. Your grandchildren as so blessed to have you for their grammie!
    and that whole class room full of kids is lucky to have your grandson in their class! lol!
    have a great day!

  2. Way too cute for should send them to all your followers! lol! I would love to see the pattern. =D

  3. Cheryl, you are a fantastic grandma!!!
    Wickedly wonderful witches shoes, wished I was in your grandson's classroom:) Lucky kids!

  4. You are the best grandma! Those are adorable and I bet the class loved them. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  5. These are so cool, Cheryl! I love them all! What a great presentation that makes. I can only image the oohs and ahhs you got when you walked into the room.

  6. Thank you for the sweet words on My weight loss.Oh My!Easy-peasy,I don't think so.As a Grandma of 10,I first of all don't know where you get the energy.Boy oh boy are you ever talented. The presentation was FANTASTIC.Your Grandchild is beaming with pride.Denise

  7. They turned out brilliantly. I can't believe you made so many. Lucky kids.

  8. My daughter-in-love has a thing for shoes....this would be so cute to make for her new house....lots of closet space for her'll be checking back to see the pattern! Nice job!


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