Antique Barbie Hutch

 I found a plastic Barbie hutch at a thrift store for .50¢ Even though it was missing a drawer and the hutch doors....
and something at the top of the hutch....
 it had good bones, so it came home with me. I added a plastic cameo to the center of the top of the hutch and surrounded it with some plastic beads. I used paper clay to fill in some gaps and to cover up the indentations where the doors on the hutch had once hung. I then glued some plastic beads to the edges of the hutch front.
 I had to add some illustration board to the inside of the hutch along the sides to hide the plastic pieces that held this thing together...
I also used illustration board to finish off the bottom part of the hutch. I opted not to make it a drawer.
I wanted to make this hutch into an antique piece, so I covered the entire piece with some tissue paper, which gave it a fabulous texture. Here it is all finished: 
 Here is a side by side view...

Here is a close up of the base of the hutch... it appears darker in this photo than it really is.
 The whole time I'm antiquing  this piece, I'm thinking to myself--- "I can see Chloe painting this purple when she is older" lol
 I am super happy with the transformation of this little plastic hutch...
 I have several other pieces that are needing some refinishing as well. I think the Barbie house I'm making for my grand daughter is going to have to come with a storage locker for all the extra furniture!


  1. amazing job! I love how it turned out!

  2. This turned out perfect! Of course I expect nothing less from you!

  3. Hello from spain: i like very much your 'new' furniture. Your doing a great job. Now the furniture looks more real. keep in touch

  4. Amazing! Vast difference in looks. May I ask what paint brand/type(s) you used? Krylon for Plastic? A special "antiquing" paint formula?

    This technique could salvage some of my lesser furniture pieces ....

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, that looks amazing.. great job!!!!


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