Scored... again

I came across a posting for a garage sale on Craigslist stating they were selling ephemera and art books. Any garage sale that advertises ephemera is one I am certainly going to!  right? Anywho, I got a box filled with fabulous-ness.... old keys, watch faces & parts, new bolts of wire and an old enameled tray....
 This cool box filled with small dog tags has words embossed on them...

Never used stamps....
Ten bags of cellophane envelopes, six small and six large bags of mica sheets and 21 bottles of Vivid dye ink....
A large stamp-o-graph with rulers and positioning papers, a heated transfer
tool and some colored domino tiles....
I also picked up some super old ephemera.... oooooooooo...
 this baptismal document is from the 1800's....
 I got some old books from the 1800's as well....
 Along with some new books...
 New in the package papers and stamps, a jewelers mat, copper and sterling silver wire.....
 and bolts and bolts of ribbon....
 There is other odds and ends as well, but these are the highlights. I didn't get there right when it started, which was probably a good thing. I am needing to clean out my studio to make room for my newest treasures. *wink*


  1. That is so Lucky!! I don't ever get cool stuff like

  2. You did get a great haul. Hope you got a nice deal also.
    Have a great week.

  3. NICE! I love finding paper goodies and things that I can use to create with.

  4. Seriously, why can't I go to a garage sale like that?!?!? And thanks so much for the comment on my DIY necklace! I know what you mean about illustration board- it was a big go-to for me when I was in undergrad! :)
    I'm definitely following you- have to follow someone who has a love for art & amazing garage sale finds! ;)
    AND PS, please don't forget to enter my 1500 follower GIVEAWAY here! :)
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  5. Wow! Now that sale was right up your alley. All great stuff that you will definitely put to good use. Have fun! Tammy

  6. I bow down to your yard sale awesomeness!

  7. Hello from Spain: I like your purchases. I like finding paper goodies and things that I can use to create with. I'm looking forward to seeing your future work. Keep in touch

  8. I never even thought of going to Craigslist for garage sales.. duh! I sure will now! YOu did great finding some fabulous treasures. I love the old documents and books! I'm so thrilled for you that your hunt was such a success!


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