Who's Your Mummy?

I whipped up some super cute/easy Mummy necklaces for my grandsons kindergarten class....

 Of course, if your anything like me, you've got hundreds of those small laminate samples laying around along with gauze & wiggly eyes...

These came together rather fast, I only had to make 28.... so I figured I might as well individually package them...

 I used the wicked witches fingers I made previously to seal each bag...

Tomorrow is the carnival at his school.... so I whipped up a Barbie kitchen for the silent auction.

I had planned on making the matching fridge and stove, but time got away from me. It doesn't look like much, but once its all bedazzled with cellophane and ribbons... it'll probably fetch a couple of bucks.

Next year... Barbie gets the entire kitchen. maybe... *wink*


  1. Oh My! Hope your Grands and their class loved your necklaces. You put a lot of work into to them.
    You did good!!!!!

  2. what a great idea! you are the best grandmother! Years ago, my mother made a whole barbie bedroom set out of plastic canvas like that for my daughter. it was adorable and i'm sure we still have it packed away somewhere. YOur little kitchen piece is cute! someone will be happy to win it!
    have a great weekend Cheryl!

  3. Impressive, Cheryl! Both the kitchen and the necklaces! They will be so pleased to have a piece of your creativity as that idea was genius!! And the kids will adore seeing the teachers wear them. I can just see them scrambling up to see them closer with voices so excited! You made a lot of people happy with those!!

  4. Hello from spain: these creations are very nice. You're doing a great job with Barbie kitchen. I'm sure that next year you have just the job. Keep in touch

  5. What a great Mummy necklace and Barbie kitchen, they will make some little ones very happy!
    I have some laminate samples laying around somewhere,thanks for another great new project, you come up with the neatest ideas!!!
    Have a great weekend!


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